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Carefully Selected Investment Opportunities

Advice you can trust

Expert Guidance

It can be very lonely running any small business and those with the potential to grow frequently encounter particular challenges which they are unable to overcome or address (including finding the capital needed to make the most of the opportunity they have identified).

The Ark aims to address these non-funding related challenges by giving entrepreneurs access to a network of individuals who have the knowledge base and skillset required to become trusted advisors and potential investors.

Laying the Foundations for Growth

Investment Readiness

Through its network of Business Leaders, Business Professionals and Business Angels, The Ark aims to provide real-time advice, access to global networks and long-term funding to businesses with an exciting market opportunity.

Giving Something Back

Grow with confidence

Equity Funding Opportunities

The Ark can help raise the finance and provide access to high quality, cost effective, real time advice and access to a wider network of business. Ideally, this support should come from individuals or organisations that are emotionally, strategically and economically aligned with them and who are prepared to add value in any number of ways, on any number of subjects, at the moment it is needed the most.

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